Thursday, February 22, 2018

Petitions and More, February 22 Check for more actions, if not taken part in yet Italy. Sicily. Request for the dismissal of Sciacca's Mayor Francesca Valenti for propagating in the streets of the City, in an indiscriminate manner, poisonous substances (not issuing any warnings) which killed dozens of our dogs on Febr. 15, 16 2018! To confirm (in your spam/junk. Ora Movimento)  Italy. No to staging the Giro d'Italia, May 9, in Sciacca! In memory of the poisoned dogs! A country in which the weak are overwhelmed and eliminated, can not accommodate a sporting event of such high value! To confirm (check spam/junk) US-info. Only 180 Panthers Left: Act Now to Save the Florida Panther! France. Stop the massacre of Wolves! To confirm France. A roof and fodder for equines in winter! Insufficient legislation for cattle-sheep and ... equines, adapt the text from 25 October 1982 of Legi-France, because it says that equines (ponies, donkeys and horses), need only a hedge, a wall or a tree! France. Aave the peacocks of the island of Bercy from a new Paris-Beach, a so-called "ecological" bathing on Lake Daumesnil, in the heart of the Bois de Vincennes Dolce & Gabbana Exposed: Investigation Reveals Rabbits Are Tortured for 'Orylag Fur'! Millions of Foxes in Feces-Encrusted Wire Cages in Poland! Urge The Priceline Group to End Bookings for Exploitative Elephant Camps  Austria. Urgent, if not signed yet! Stop the brutal calf transport, being shipped across Europe just because they have no value in this country! To confirm  US-info. Needs more signatures (no ZIP code) An opportunity to protect wildlife, water and non-motorized recreation opportunities by creating a Wildland Provincial Park Other petitions for Wildlife  Protect Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument Public comment in defense of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante Spain. In the Biscayan municipality of the Valley of Trapagaran, the mistreatment of cats is constant without your municipality doing anything to avoid it. Cats are poisoned, shot, mistreated, malnourished ! Animal abuse is a criminal offense that should be prosecuted!  Email: Twitter:  Xabier  Cuéllar: @xabier_cuellar    ------------ Italy. Justice for the German Shepherd Dik, killed by making him swallow a "mouthful of poisoned meat mixed with nails and glass" (as the veterinary report attests); to make sure that the animal had no escape, he was subsequently tied to the pole of an abandoned building in Bastiglia, Borgiallo, Turin! Russia. Protect animals, wildlife, from cruel treatment in the bird market "Market on the Garden" , Novokuznetsk where they keep (protected) wildlife which have been trapped in nature! Mexico City. For a Statue in honor of Frida, canines, rescuers and volunteers  Once more. End the Dog and Cat meat trade, HRes 401 and HR 1406, thepetitionsite, if not signed yet! Join the fight: Don't let Trump get away with highway robbery!
                        =========   News and more    =========  The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) winter roundup season is upon us. The traumatic helicopter roundups that will be conducted this season are even more concerning than usual,  since every single wild horse captured is in danger of being killed or sold for slaughter! Poll , Switzerland. Should the import of meat from livestock killed without stunning be banned? Please vote nr. 2! Abstimmen, add the control number!     1) No, the religious freedom of the Jews and Muslims is higher.     2) Yes, the animal welfare is much more important.     3)  I'm not sure


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Petitions and More, February 21  Save Virginia's Dogs from Freezing to Death on Chains, urge Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to support SB 872/HB 646 and see that it is passed and then strongly enforced! Name, email, address. Pet shop 79 cases of neglected murder case. Urging reinforcement of management structure of companion animal industry, S. Korea! Tuesday 2/20/18  #HRes401 Daily call to action--> Reps #19 - #20 Tuesday  2/20/18  #HouseBill1406 Daily call to action --> Reps #19 - #20 Retweets from Riley Chi: Please  Ask These Reps. to Cosponsor  #HR1406 1-5 #HRes401  6-10 ! US-info.  Congress: Stop Trump’s Dirty, Dangerous Offshore Drilling Plan US-info.  Ryan Zinke and U.S. Forest Service Chief Tony Tooke, protect the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness watershed from toxic sulfide mining! US-info. HB 135 pollutes your water, undermining Salt lake City's ability to protect their source water IWC (International Whaling Commission), add small whales and dolphins of 4 m or less within the IWC jurisdiction! Brazil. A plan for a decent life for abandoned animals. São Paulo. On behalf of those who suffer the most, and suffer for not having a voice in society, "the animals", we ask you to look after them and make changes Colombia. Pitalito, Huila. 82 animals poisoned in just 21 days; dog stabbed to death and other machete attacks; tails cut of; mistreatment of horses and the sale of them to illegal slaughterhouses; killing of wildlife! We demand of you, as dictated by the laws 1774 of 2016 and Law 1801 of 2016 in your Title XIII, to investigate each of these cases, find the whereabouts of the guilty and punish them! Italy. The massacre of the poisoned dogs: let the Mayor of Sciacca Francesca Valenti, resign! Colombia. La Calera, Vereda Marquez. Sanction this horse owner, and protect the horse! Brazil. For the exemption of all taxes on dog and cat food, too many abandoned animals, we want the same rights as agribusinesses having an exemption in cattle rations! Spain. They want to move this colony of ​​Las Glorias, in Barcelona, to an area in Poblenou, far from its feeders, where other colonies of cats already live! But the planned park would be a great place for them! Russia. Stop the construction of a Chinese cement plant in the Ulyanovsk region!  Russia. Stop building in the forest reserve on Lake Baikal! Russia. Urgently intervene in the situation that has developed today not only in our Baikal village Listvyanka, but in all villages and settlements of Lake Baikal. There is an active purchase of land from citizens of Russia by Chinese citizens. Already, 10% (!) of the village land in Listvyanka belongs to the Chinese!  Russia. Stop the destruction of sacred Baikal lake! Stop the sale of it’s water to the Chinese, stop other activities! Russia. As well. Lake Baikal  Russia. Do not reduce the water protection zone of Baikal! Protest! Ravine des Lataniers, natural and historical heritage, is being threatened by a massive rock quarry project in the framework of the project of New Coastal Road (NRL), in its variant Dyke + viaduct Cancel the AR-15 Raffle Helping to Raise Money for a 9-and-under Baseball Team!
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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Petitions and More, February 20 Monday 2/19/18 #HouseBill1406 Daily call to action -> Reps #17 - #18 Emails, calls, Fb, Twitter  Monday 2/19/18  #HRes401  Daily call to action  Target -> Reps #17 - #18 If not signed yet NM--info. Governor Martinez: Sign House Bill 64 to Save Lives and Conserve Tax Dollars by Funding Spay/Neuter!
elephants are in great danger. The still legal trade in ivory threatens the survival of wild elephants. Last year alone, about 20,000 elephants were slaughtered for their ivory!  Stop the massacre of coyotes for Canada Goose! To confirm France. Slaughterhouse Alert: Scandalous: The video surveillance voted in January 2017 removed from the current ACT! Let's mobilize and Act! US-info.  Federal funds to support ocean wildlife, including marine mammal first responders could be drastically reduced, protest!  More than 100,000 severely threatened orangutans have been killed in Borneo since 1999, save them from extinction! Italy. Justice for Sciacca's dogs poisoned during carnival, there are already 70 poisoned dogs and in these estimates are not listed the numbers of cats! Abolish the carnival of Sciacca forever and use the budget for the most urgent solutions, which is neutering programs for stray dogs, refuges and veterinary units! Spain. For a total ban on pigeon and quail shooting in Castilla-La Mancha! For free neutering of stray animals in Kursk Brazil. For free neutering projects for dogs and cats in the city of Ibicuí-BA! Brazil. Start low cost neutering programs for abandoned animals in População Brazil. For an immediate return of the animal neutering program in São José dos Campos! Brazil. For neutering programs in the city of Brasilia, in the state of the Federal District Brazil. Prohibit the sale of pets. In Foz do Iguaçu it is legal to sell animals, but there is no control of these animals, neither neutering requirement nor obligatoriness of identification by chip.  Foz do Iguaçu has no population census of animals, no recreational areas for animals! Spain, for the Pyrenees, declare it to be a protected reserve in the whole mountain range from Catalonia to Navarra, and protect it's wildlife Local authorities of the country of Meaux, stop the wild boars hunt in the park of Pâtis de Meaux (77100) and set up alternatives, use birth control! The mayor of Antwerp (Belgium), Bart De Wever, has forbidden Anonymous for the Voiceless, the animal rights organisation that specializes in street activism, to organize ‘Cube of Truth’ events in his city Denounce the bull riding competition (2nd edition) which will take place on May 18th and 19th at the Videotron Center in Quebec City! Spain. Raising awareness about agricultural waste and it's dangers Justice for Leo the dog who was starved to death! Snow & Rock, stop selling Canada Goose products- live plucked geese-, and leg traps for coyotes!
                       ==========   News and more     =========== Reminder. Vote every 24 hours, against animal abuse, China; click on the red hand in the middle (or on the grey lining), drag it up to the SECOND PAGE, nr. 3, click on the thumbs up! Thanks. Now    1183857 votes  The Compassion project, Fall Trailer 2017


Monday, February 19, 2018

Petitions and More, February 19

Contact  ;;    ============! Sunday 2/18/18 #HRes401 Daily call to action,  Target --> Reps #15 -#16 Emails, calls, Facebook, Twitter! Sunday 2/18/18 #HouseBill 1406 Daily calll to action  Riley Chi. If not retweeted yet, please do. Ask These Reps. to Cosponsor  #HR1406 1-5 #HRes401 6-10 Actions for Animals, if not signed yet Why are Alaskan Brewing Company, Northern Air Cargo, and Providence Alaska Medical Center still sponsoring this merciless race? Domino's, please offer vegan cheese and vegan meat toppings for your pizzas  Washington only. Speak out against a bill that would transfer Washington's public lands US-info. Congress: Don't roll back protections for our oceans, oppose HR 200 ! Ukraine. Put criminals in jail, they kill animals and people! Some protect the homeland, people and animals, and save them, while others destroy and kill. We ask for a maximum sentence, and all material with the police, the prosecutor's office, and in the media Russia. For a Humane Regulation of the Number of Homeless Animals in the Rostov Region; CNR, vet's care, vaccinations ‘Russia’...: Save the defenseless dogs in the resorts of Crimea! Spain. City Hall of Sagunto: CES/TNR projects for the cat colonies and a place to live!  Italy, Sicily. 30 dogs killed in Sciacca! Let’s start with TNR and free veterinarian care!  The second Italian province for species richness and therefore for biodiversity - can not afford to leave this heritage unattended. Piedmont Region, intervene urgently to allow our agents to continue their work in the interest of the community! Support NGO Novelo de Lã’s initiative for an Animal Protection Office in Fortaleza! Spain. We need a shelter or sanctuary for at least 200 abandoned cats in the municipality of Fuengirola! Russia. Do not legislate to sprinkle roads with (dangerous) chemicals! Let's save to Galapagos and it's endangered marine fauna from illegal fishing by Chinese vessels, especially the hammerhead shark! Ecuador. Protest! During 2016 and 2017, the Ecuadorian government granted mining concessions to foreign multinationals for over 2.9 million hectares of watersheds, protective forests and indigenous territories; hundreds of species are in danger of extinction!  Mexico. Cancel the construction of the RIU hotel in Punta Nizuc! The area at risk is located in a vast polygon of natural resources, a reservoir not only with mangroves, but of more than 230 species of birds, reptiles, algae and marine vegetation, in addition to manatees, turtles and other species of coastal systems under federal protection or declared endangered!  Protest! A treasure in the Mexican Caribbean is being threatened by foreign companies. On the island of Holbox, home to many endangered species, there are mega tourism development plans! Spain. Support is needed for the continuity of the ecological, social and educational Canyet Project, model in the world If not signed yet, please do! Demand a Justice for the Endangered Black Panther and Other Protected Animals in a Wildlife Sanctuary! With updates
                        =========   News and more   ==========  Annual Humane Scorecard of Congress to give you a snapshot of every federal legislator's record on animal protection issues


Saturday, February 17, 2018

Petitions and More, February 17 UK. Speak out now about the UK fur trade!  The Labour Party set out plans that would transform how animals are treated. If implemented, these proposals would signal the end to a host of factory farming practices. Anybody can sign Create a new independent welfare body to protect racehorses from abuse and death! To confirm Spain.  Government, create legislation that prohibits experiments with primates or other animals  For everyone. The USDA recently announced that it is considering using nongovernmental “third parties” to assist in its enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act; this will impact the millions of animals in laboratories! Please oppose and post a short comment!  Retweets. Please Ask These Reps to Cosponsor  #HR1406  #HRES401 ! For retweets, HR 1406, scroll down please! 1) Demand Justice for Tortured Kitten! 2) Stop Mississippi Dolphin Prison Construction! If not signed yet, please do. Slovenia. Stop the dams, keep the Mura River flowing! More than 31 miles of valuable Mura River stretches are projected to be dammed by eight hydropower dams—affecting over 17,000 acres of wetlands and threatening vulnerable wildlife and local livelihoods Protect Wildlife from Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Stop Foreign Mining Company Investments in the Disastrous Pebble Mine Canada. Tell our Premiers their deadline to protect the boreal forest is now Russia. Prevent the death of abandoned animals for the 2018 World Cup and accept a full animal protection law! Russia. Adopt the Law on the Construction of State Hospitals for Homeless Animals before the Universiade-2019! Mexico. No to this initiative to Exclude from the Animal Protection Act of the State of Veracruz cockfighting and the violent use of calves/heifers! We demand that these two agents of the Colombian National Police be investigated, and if evidence of animal abuse is found, the full weight of the Law falls unto them! Spain. Prohibit the sale of animals either in stores, on the internet or by private parties, adopt from a dog pound or kennel!  Colombia. Cruelty and social abandonment in Moniquira Boyacá. We demand a program of protection and animal welfare according to the needs, the fulfillment of the Law and sanctions for abusers of animals; the activation of the Judan and adaptation, construction or destination of a suitable site Russia. Against Mega factory farming and it’s inherent cruelty! 2nd Petition Ong Latemia requested session of the ground due to eviction action with 200 animals! Brazil. Peruíbe urgently needs a mobile spaying bus, a Castramóvel! Improve the situation at the Itabuna dog pound, apply neutering programs as well! Return The Coca Cola Vanilla Flavor and Help dogs and cats in street situations Uruguay. Maldonado Gov., make a difference and  pave the way in animal protection by preventing dog races from taking place in the Department Eradicate the Camalote, a very problematic invasive aquatic plant Don't Let Trump Open Our Coasts to Big Oil
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