Saturday, November 18, 2017

Petitions and More, November 18 US-info. Once more. Support H.R. 1406, the Dog and Cat Meat Prohibition Act (in the US)! If not retweeted yet, please do. #HR1406 Target AG Chairman + MarcChing/McCarthy Key Reps + High Score HSLF Republicans: outlaw dog and cat meat in the USA! (And/or post a message on Fb) Retweets (2 sheets) needed, give HR 1406 a chance, outlaw dog and cat meat in all US states! Ask the UN to include animal rights in the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights at the upcoming Universal Periodic Review!  1) Punish Cruel Dog Fighters Caught Red-Handed! 2) Stop US Government Trophy Hunting Madness! Secr. Zinke: Do not allow trophy hunters to kill Zimbabwe's elephants! Public comments due 11/24: Oppose Council to Promote International Trophy Hunting for US Citizens! Speak Out For African Elephants! Sample letter, send a message to  And/or tweet Harvey Nichols' CEO, reinstate the company's fur-free policy immediately! No animal should die for fashion! For a ban on Real Fur in Germany! If not signed yet. Anti-fur promiss US-info. We can't let our old, fire-resilient forests be logged into stump fields and converted to tree plantations. It only increases fire danger. Streamside logging will pollute our rivers. Salmon and wildlife will be forever harmed! US. Write letters for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge To take action, scroll down please and click on read more Needs more signatures. "Amazon of Europe" in acute danger: Stop the power plant madness on the Mur!  ZIP=5 digits. No Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge! US-info. Stop The Latest Threat To Florida's Coast: No On HR 4239 Russia. Protest! By order of local authorities in the Crimean city of Shchelkino, the cellar vaults of residential buildings are filled and clogged, where hundreds of homeless cats have found shelter. They cannot leave nor enter! Let's save the Azov cats! Brazil. Cerro Largo. Create a CCZ, an animal refuge for safe de-sexing to prevent disease, abandonment and death, often through poisoning Italy. Relocate the disabled dog Miry back to Casa Bau Open letter to Zinke: Take a stand against policy reversal, Elephants and Lions are worth more alive than as dead trophies mounted and hung on a wall! Congress, support Puerto Rico with sustainable solutions! Stop Bayou Bridge – Protect the Atchafalaya Basin from massive oil spills
              ========   News and more    ======== Nov. 28. Visit D.C. Offices to Lobby House Reps for DCMT, HR 1406, against dog and cat meat in US states


Friday, November 17, 2017

Petitions and More, November 17 You can leave a message at the bottom of the article, please tell them about the horrendous torture of dogs and cats! Australia. Call. Demand action to stop excessive tree-clearing and save Koalas Needs more attention. End Bison Hunt and Harassment West of Yellowstone!  Immediate Action Needed!  Please help leave a comment in the AG Committee’s Facebook top Post, to Review & Markup HR1406 to prohibit the dog and cat meat trade in the US US-info. Stop this blatant attempt to hand over America’s natural wonders to fossil fuel developers! Please oppose the SECURE Act!  Add Your Name to the Sea of Support for a Trash-Free Ocean! US-info.  Protect Our Oceans, Not Oil Profits: Vote NO on the SECURE Act!  Stop land grabbing and destruction of the tropical rainforest for the construction of palm oil plantations! Gov. of Spain, do Not bring an appeal of unconstitutionality against Law 9/2017 of the Balearic Islands in its articles on Bullfighting, this law is within the legality of the autonomous powers of the Balearic Islands because it does not prohibit Bullfighting shows, but animal abuse, torture and bloodshed! Russia. Declaration on the Protection of Animals, this declaration can form the basis for the law on the Protection of Animals Italy. Municipality of Bondeno. No to the new factory farm with 50,000 pigs of Biopig of Cascone Luigi!  Argentina. Demanding the creation of the promised Office of Animal Protection in Bragado, in charge of people who respect the rights of animals! Argentina. Government, and employees of Chinese companies: No to dog and cat meat eating ‘habits’! Spain. Make torturing a Wild Animal a crime as well! (In the Criminal Code, article 337 section 1.D) provides that wild animals are excluded from the crime of animal abuse) Spain. Selwo Marina. Leave this managed and controlled cat colony in peace in this park that is supposed to defend and protect animal life; these cats keep it clean of rats! Spain. The Colonia Nueva Estación Association demands support and a solution from the company Administrator of Railway Infrastructures -ADIF-, owner of the land where the cats live, to give us an area to relocate the managed cat colony threatened by the construction of the new RENFE station! Russia. Yaroslavl. Give the hungry bears that are held captive in this road cage (cafe) dignified surroundings!  Spain. Investigate these criminals and charge them with animal abuse for throwing a wild boar downhill in the Ruta del Cares (Asturias) Turkey. Kepez Municipality, Antalya. Support needed to get the abandoned dogs through the winter Italy. Protest. During the inauguration of S. Uberto protector of the hunters at Tarvisio, an altar which reminds of ancient sacrificial rites, where a killed deer was exposed, was set up inside the Church. This is a blasphemous and disheveling gesture
wild animals exhibited in a glass prison in Ankara, Nata Vega shopping mall! Don't Let the Department of the Interior Lift The Ban On Trophy Hunting! Save Elephants and Lions - Stop Trump’s Trophy Hunting Plan! Investigate Burnham Dairy Farms for Neglect and Animal Cruelty! Faux Fur Looks Just as Good Without the Cruelty Ban Gun Ownership for Animal Abusers Mandate Hunters in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Carry Bear Pepper Spray and Practice Bear Safety Measures
              ========   News and more   ========== The white moose in Värmland, Sweden, is allowed to live, the police have decided! The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) has strongly expressed its opposition to the dog and cat meat trade in a new position statement


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Petitions and More, November 16 ZIP=5 digits. Tell Congress: No animal should be hunted to extinction so that someone can have a trophy on their wall! Wolves are treasures, not hunting trophies! Once more. US-info. Congress members, cosponsor the Preventing Unkind and Painful Procedures and Experiments on Respected Species (PUPPERS) Act (H.R. 3197) to stop taxpayers' money from being spent on the VA's wasteful and cruel dog experiments! Retweets for HR 1406, or leave a Facebook message for these Reps to co-sponsor HR1406 and make dog and cat meat illegal in the US!
( No more Action (tweets, calls, FB, emails) for #HRes401, focus on #HR1406 which is stuck in the AG Committee! )  France. Demand a parliamentary commission of inquiry for laboratories testing on animals! To confirm Needs 95,000 sign. Germany. Get out of factory farming, CDU! (Jetzt abschicken, confirm later) Whole Foods, consumers expect better! Please drop Diestel turkey products unless Diestel starts living up to its animal welfare claims! Needs more attention. Protect Anchovies and More Than 50 Marine Species! Big oil has no future in our Bight, so Tell Norwegian oil giant Statoil to Back off! Panda Express Puts Meat in Veggie Dishes … Justice for Maya the Elephant.  To confirm Spain. University of Seville c / San Fernando: stop treating the Cats like pests! Italy. Stop the deportation of dogs from the dogpound of Foggia! Italy. Bagno di Romagna. We have saved all 55 cows, now they want to kill them! Russia. Prohibit the capture of wild animals for commercial and recreational purposes! Argentina.  City Council of Carmen de Areco - Province of Buenos Aires. Ordinance needed, people who abandon dogs and/or puppies will be punished Germany. Soest. Demanding punishment and investigation, children using a sweet little cat as a football! Investigate Animal Abuse at Happy Puppy Pet Spa!
                 ===========   News and more   ========= Congressman Alcee L. Hastings says: thank you to the House Foreign Affairs Committee for passing H.Res.401 out of Committee. It is my sincere hope that the House Leadership will expeditiously bring this resolution to the Floor, so that the United States can send a strong message to the world that dogs and cats should not be slaughtered and sold as a food


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Petitions and More, November 15 US-info. Tell Congress to oppose budget proposals that threaten wild horses!  US-info. Urge the state of New Mexico to take action to implement new statewide spay-neuter funding mechanisms in order to decrease companion animal overpopulation!  US-info. Say “NO” to Horse Slaughter—in New Mexico and Everywhere! US-info. Restrict Traps and Poisons on Public Lands! US-info. Stop Cruel and Senseless Wildlife Killing Contests! Please help retweet messages to Republican Foreign Affairs Committee Members to support #HRes401 against the dog and cat meat horror and help push to the House Floor for a vote tomorrow! Foreign Affairs Full Committee: (See in comments for Republicans Only): Please ask them to support the resolution, H. Res 401, and mark it up, to move it to the House floor for a Vote!
( H. Res. 401, the resolution condemning the dog meat trade in Asia, is scheduled on the House Foreign Affairs Committee calendar for review and markup on Nov. 15, today!);jsessionid=00000000.app223a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=3265 US-info. Oppose the SECURE Act H.R. 4239, a brazen attack on America’s public lands, coastal waters, and the wildlife and human communities that depend on them! US. Please call Governor Brown at 503-378-4582 and ask her to ensure a better Wolf Plan for Oregon US-info. Congress: Don't let Big Ag poison our drinking water!  EU-info. Support an EU wide ban on the routine preventative use of antitbiotics in farming, instead, improve the conditions! US-info. Hydropower shouldn't be exempted from clean water safeguards Spain. Junta de Andalucía. Without roofs. Create shelters for pets and humans Spain. Mayor of Vélez-Málaga. Asking for an area to create a refuge for abandoned animals France. Prevent the killing of the semi-domesticated deer, now friends with 2 ponies in Lourdoueix-St-Michel belonging to Sylvie Argentina. Requesting free and mass sterilation campaigns in AG Chaves Save America's Horses from Slaughter! Don't pass a budget that includes drilling in the Arctic Refuge! Pledge to only eat sustainably-sourced seafood and help protect our ocean! Don't let Missy the drowned dog die in vain! Overturn the ruling allowing AES Multinational Corporation to dump toxic waste in public landfills is Puerto Rico
                  ========   News and more    ========   Norwegian government authorities have allowed that 90 percent of the Norwegian critically endangered Wolves can be hunted and killed this coming winter! Our one remaining option is to take the Norwegian government to court! In Defense of Animals has joined with the National Academy of Sciences and 40 other national organizations to propose humane, sustainable solutions for managing wild horses and burros on public lands. Wild horses and burros have been made into scapegoats by the extractive and cattle industries which the BLM allows to exploit the very lands that were legally mandated to nurture our nation's mustangs over 45 years ago - and all at taxpayer expense!  Vote. Europäischen Tier- und Naturschutz e.V., ETN:  Animal Protection Award 2017. Use (Google) translate please


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Petitions and More, November 14 Retweets, cosponsor HRes 401!  Or use Facebook please Once more. International. Embrace a Humane, Sustainable Future on the Range for Wild Horses and Burros! The pres. of the Italian prov. of Alessandria, Gianfranco Baldi, has submitted a request to the region and ISPRA to kill 1000 deer (the hunting season has started and fires killed a lot of wildlife already)! Object, sign, and/or send a letter! US. Call. Urge your senator to vote NO on Arctic Refuge drilling;jsessionid=00000000.app30103b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=2005 ZIP=5 digits. No permit for decimating the San Pedro River, help protect this desert gem and the oasis it is for hundreds of species of migratory birds, even jaguars and other wildlife! Koalas need our help in Australia. Their habitat is being destroyed at a worrying speed because of the easing of the laws: in the state of Queensland, deforestation does not require permits in many cases! France. The 200 dogs and 200 cats in the refuge SPA Angoumois located in Mornac are in danger of being euthanized following the decision to cancel the contracts! Animal suffering is not a priority of the government! Object and sign please. To confirm Abolish the totally anti-democratic law in France, which allows hunters to hunt on private land without permission! France. We, defenders of the animal cause, refuse to finance the hunt!  Elephant Maya is ill.  Intervene for the urgent withdrawal from the circus and the transfer to a sanctuary Pledge, take action for cats
(  S. Korea. Gyeonggi Province will revise the regulations so that dogs weighing more than 15 kg have to wear muzzles when going out and the leash should be less then 2 meters. We object! Login....) Turkey.  Çorum. Rapist arrested, thanks to villagers, justice for this dog who was raped! Spain. Demanding controlled feline colonies in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, a budget for catch, neuter, return programs! Argentina.  Legislature of the Province of Córdoba. Create a Single Public Registry of Information for Animal Protection, the RUIPA or Comprehensive Animal Protection Program Argentina
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